So, you just got your dream job at a different city from where you reside. Now you’re planning on getting a new house. Are you figuring out whether or not to sell your old house for cash?

If this is you, try not to have second thoughts. 44% of cash buyers are people purchasing a second home or individual investors. Real estate experts still believe that low inventory combined with strict lending standards give advantage to cash buyers and other investors.

There are numerous benefits of selling your house for cash, especially as-is. Read on to learn the process of selling a house for cash and why you should.

Know the Value of Your Home

Before selling your house for cash, estimate its value by researching on your neighborhood worth and estate equity. It can be challenging to get the right price for your home if you’ve got no idea about equity trends in your neighborhood.

If you’re selling your house to a house buying company, the chances are that they may offer something on the lower spectrum. This isn’t because they’re cheapskates, but most of the time, they’ll be buying as-is.

Keep Your House Neat and Organized

Even if your house hasn’t been occupied before, make sure that it’s properly cleaned. For better pricing, you may want to consider renovating it with the latest fixtures.  Still, you can choose to replace broken fixing and fixtures if it’s not in great shape.

Sometimes, an old, renovated house can easily pass for a modern home.

Take Advantage of Online Platforms

Many online classified ads will be at the top result page for anyone looking to buy a house. All you have to do is post a few ads on the website and wait for a call. Buyers’ intuition will largely depend on the way you describe your home with pictures and words.

A lousy resolution image isn’t just an instant turn off. It makes your house look ugly and old. With the help of a professional photographer, your images will need a few words at the description.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Homebuyers

A house buying company should be at the top of your options the next time you think of selling your house for cash. It’s just like selling a car. If you’re selling it yourself, it requires patience. However, if you’re in a rush, you can do a trade-in at a dealership.

The dealer will give you less than what you’re getting in the free market, but you’ll dispose of it quicker with less hassle. It’s the same thing when selling your house to homebuyers than through an agent.

Explore Your Options

If you’re going to sell your house through an agent, they may advise you not to settle on a house buying company. The reason being you may end up not getting value for money.

The fact is, you can make almost as much as you would dealing with a real estate agent. The important thing is to track where the money is going when selling your home.

First, if you sell your home to a house buying company, you don’t need to keep paying your mortgage. If you do it through an agent, it may take years before you sell your house. This means that you’ll keep making payments on your home.

Home buying companies will buy your house as-is. Curb appeal, maintenance, and repairs cost money and this is something you’ve got to do to make your house appealing to real estate agents.

Practice Open House

Stunning pictures online may sometimes not be a true reflection of how a house on sale looks like. That’s why you’ve got to practice an open house policy where any interested home buyer can view the house you’re planning to sell.

Take them on tour around the house, and make sure they feel comfortable. If they are convinced, you’re sure of sealing that deal. Be vigilant on fraudsters who want to see how your house is locked up and what you own so that they can break in when you’re asleep.

It’s advisable to practice this policy in an unoccupied house or on trusted clients.

Take Advantage of House Exchange Programs

If you’re thinking of selling your house to get enough cash to buy a new one, then house exchange programs might be a great option. If your house is more expensive than the one you’re planning to get, you may end up getting top-up cash under the exchange program.

Place Notices and Posters

This may seem like an old-fashioned way of doing things, but posting physical announcements and posters around the neighborhood works. If possible, plant some placards at the entrance of your home where it’s visible to the passersby. Make sure that the message is simple such as “for sale.”

If you’ve already moved out of the building, don’t forget to include contact details where the interested parties can reach you.

Grapevine Works

You may hardly believe this, but news travels faster than gossip. All you’ve got to do is tell a friend to tell a friend that you’re selling your house. It can even start with your immediate neighbors. Grapevine provides the perfect opportunity to choose your next neighbor.

In case they know someone who’s moving into the neighborhood, they’ll definitely do the marketing for you. Sometimes, out of sheer luck, the person you told about your house over lunch break knows someone looking to buy a house.

Never Ask for Cash Advance

Asking for a cash advance on a house you’re planning to sell is common with scam artists. There are a lot of people claiming to be real estate investors, but once you get into a deal with them and they commit to an “application fees,” they’ll begin to complicate the contract you already have.

Many people buying a house for cash don’t expect any complications, especially anything involving contracts. They need a straightforward way of doing business.

Price Your Home Competitively

When selling your home for cash, choosing the right listing is essential. If your home is priced too low, you’ll definitely leave money on the table. A highly-priced house means that you’ll get a few offers and you may probably watch it stale on the market.

If your property sits on the market for too long without selling, people will assume that it hasn’t sold because there’s something wrong. Also, prospective buyers may assume that the old listing can’t pass inspection because of poor interior layout.

Timing is Important

Summer and spring are the best time of the year to sell your home. This is because most families are planning to move before the start of the New Year. Increased inventory means that summer and spring buyers tend to be pickier, plus the climate in different areas significantly affects the best time to sell your house.

When moving to a job that starts next week or in another state, you may want to sell it as soon as possible. If you’re house hunting, then the best time to sell may be based on when you’re in the process of buying.

Stage and Photograph Your house

When planning to sell your home, home staging is an important part of getting your house to an acceptable standard by a homebuyer. It’s best that you work with a professional stager as they can see your home from a buyer’s perspective. Still, they know how to soften its flaws and highlight its strengths, and this is something that makes it look awesome in your listing.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional photographer, there are plenty of DIY options you can consider. For instance, settle for neutral colors for furniture, walls, and decor. Alternatively, leave enough furniture in each room to make it roomy and functional.

Invest in a Temporary Storage

You’re planning to vacate and have your closet clogged — where are your personal belongings going to go? If you’re having an open house where clients can come and tour your home before they can decide whether or not to buy your home, you should consider investing in temporary storage.

The storage unit should house that bread maker you barely use, seasonal clothes, baby, gear, and holiday decorations. If you already have two couches in the room, try to make your house bigger by putting one into the storage.

Learn the Process of Selling a House for Cash Fast!

You probably are looking for a new home after shifting from the previous condo you used to stay. The process of selling a house for cash can be hectic if you’ve got no idea how to go about it. While most people may consider realtors a go-to option, that can sometimes not work. With the help of a homebuyer, you can get cash fast with less hassle.

Are you moving out of town and planning to sell your house? Contact us today so that we can discuss how best to sell your home.

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